Car Industry affected by Coronavirus

Coronavirus affecting the car industry

Car Industry affected by Coronavirus

The car industry was on of the hundreds of thusants markets affected by the pandemic of coronavirus.

Countries like Cina, South Korea, Japan are selling less and less cars every day.

Cina was the most affected one having the vehicle sales going down as low as 80% in February comparing it to the las year sales. But it got a little better after the stabilization of the healthcare in the country.

South Korea wasn't hit so hard but it too went down in sales around the 20% mark.Japan sales lost about 11%, and Italy arround 9%.

Manufac turers in Italy like Lamborgini and Ferrari closed the factories because of the Coronavirus pandemic that is spreading in the north Italy on a fast pace.

A lot of manufacturers saw their sales go down as a result of the supplies that were coming from Cine, since Cina had a lot of the factories closed the supplies were on a short.

Hope that the Coronavirus doesn't affect so much the market of the cars and it will stabilize going on.